Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nine months

I know I should not compare my first adoption process to my second. It was a different place and time, but I cannot help myself! It is my nature to compare and deal with data. I have now been working on my second adoption for nine months and one week. My dossier is not even at the Consulate yet. My first adoption, start time to travel, was nine months to the day! I had already met Annika by now and we well into the bonding period!

The good news is my dossier is next in line to go the Consulate and should be going very soon! I am not worried about the slow process. It will happen when it happens. There are a few important events we have to work around and I hope we can do that. Annika starts Kindergarten in the fall. I hope she can have a decent start to school before we leave. I also hope the wait is not so long that we miss her graduation! Work is being very understanding, but would prefer that I not be away in March. I hope I can accommodate and do not have to make a choice! I am worrying about many things prematurely and just need to let it happen when the baby is ready. It's just hard.

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