Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A GOOD Agency

Today I asked my agency a simple, unimportant question. A question actually reflective of my extreme impatience. As part of an email with other information, I asked if my dossier was sent overnight or 3 day. I was wondering when it would actually arrive at the NY Consulate ~ today, tomorrow, Thursday? So when we had reason to correspond I decided to just ask. I literally got an answer in 30 seconds!! How awesome is that? I thanked her being patient with my impatience and am now waiting for my dossier to be processed!


Kim said...

Great news about your dossier Kristen! It is great when the agency makes the process smooth! :)


Pat and Alli said...

I'm so happy to read comments like this. We're using the same agency and I know all to well that even waiting one day can seem like an eternity.

I hope your dossier flies through the Consulate and assorted Ministries.

Best wishes!

Michele said...

Congrats on your dossier going to the Consulate. We are roughly at the same place in our journeys. Let's hope they pass quickly.