Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to go!

The letter of invitation has been processed, the "number" is in the "system" and my Visa has been processed and in the Fedex box waiting to be delivered to me tomorrow morning! I am finally going! I leave tomorrow night and arrive in Kazakhstan Wednesday, then am hopefully off to meet my little on on Thursday! I am excited, apprehensive, and and happy. This is going to be quite a week!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Finally, after 7 trips to the Ministry of Education by my coordinator, my Letter of Invitation has finally been signed! I am tentatively scheduled to leave this weekend, but that is dependant on getting my Visa in time! I am excited, nervous, happy...all at the same time!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So Little One, it is Thursday and our Letter of Invitation has not yet been signed! Poor Dina is going every day to try and get a signature, but it is not working! Libby calls me every morning and tells me the bad news and I know i need to wait another 24 hours to know our plans. I am trying to be patient, but it is hard. It is hard for Annika , to, who runs out of school every day and asks did Libby call? WE have just gone into this mode of existence that involves waiting for 10 AM every day hoping for good news. I had hoped to see you next week, but it looks like we'll be waiting a little longer.



Friday, January 8, 2010

New Things

Hi there, Little One, we are getting closer to meeting! Libby says we will get my Letter of Invitation next week. I think I am supposed to wait for her to call me, but I cannot see how I can wait much past Monday morning to wait for her call! I am just too excited. I'll have to call her Monday morning after our morning meeting! I am going to fill out my Visa application this weekend so we can be ready to send it off as soon as we get the LOI.

Annika and I went shopping to night and bought you some very cute clothes....little brown pants and a pink ruffle sweater! I have no idea how old you are or how big your, but I am bringing a few things in different sizes. I got you socks and onesies, a teething toy, a crab rattle, and a few other things. Annika was a big help choosing everything. She can't wait to see your picture!