Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, little one, your dossier has been at the Consulate for over 3 weeks now. It should have moved to Kazakhstan by now, but hasn't. The agency says it will probably move within a week, but I am a little worried. Is there a problem with the dossier or is it just taking longer than usual? Are you just a little one who is not going to be ready for a quite a long time? If not, we can wait. We are anxious, but we can wait. Annika and I walked to the park yesterday. The little girls from up the street came along with us. Isabela is just 3. It was nice having a little on around. Annika said she was practicing to be a big sister. You are never far from our thoughts, little one.

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Joby and Marla said...

I am sure that everything is fine with your dossier. Our dossier stayed at the Consulate's for 7 weeks last year so try not to worry. You will hear something soon!!!!