Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dossier Approved!

Not only has it been approved, its already in Astana! I opened my email today, expecting to find nothing too exciting after a long holiday weekend, and the first item in the inbox was from my coordinator was an email with the subject "Dossier Approved by Consulate!" Not only was it approved last Friday, it has made its way all the way to Kazkastan over the weekend! it was at the Consulate in New York for 30 days. Hooray!


Pat and Alli said...

WOW!! What exciting news. A little bit closer now :-)

We'll be overnighting our dossier to MAPS tomorrow. I'm so glad the paper chase is done (for now).

Best wishes.


Kari J said...

You should be really close now! Hang in there. I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

Pat and Alli said...

Hello there. Just wondering if you heard anything recently. Our dossier is next in line to go to the Consulate. Any day now I believe.

Hope your having a great summer.


qmiller said...

Hey Kristen: Just checking in to see how you and Annika are doing...and any updates on your dossier. Hope you're having a great summer!!