Thursday, May 20, 2010

Go Flyers!

On Tuesday, I put Annika and Amelia to bed and waited until they fell asleep to turn on the Flyer's game. I was lying in bed enjoying the game, thinking all was well and everyone was asleep, when I heard loud cheering coming from the crib next to me I looked over to see Amelia standing at the corner of the foot of her crib watching the Flyers play Montreal. She actually stood and watched for about half an hour, yelling daaaaa, daaaaa. Looks like we've got a new Flyers fan in the making!


lisa said...

So cute!!

Diane said...

Too funny!!! Hmm, maybe she was cheering for Montreal?!!! Just sad that Montreal lost :-(

Ciera LOVES hockey also and want to play, I relelented a bit and she is playing ball hockey this spring.