Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 weeks In Astana

It has been 3 weeks in Astana and things seem to be going well. I visit Tansholpan every day from from 10 am to 12 noon. She is doing well and getting brighter and more interactive every day. She is a very happy baby and giggles and laughs and loves to be held.
My court date is scheduled for next week on February 24th! All seems to be falling in to place, so I hope I will be coming home soon.
This past weekend I spent time in Karaganda, the from which I adopted Annika. I stayed with my friend Elena, who was my translator on my last trip. It was a great weekend. We talked all weekend. She arranged for a massage for me and then had a dinner party for me and invited my friend Yuriy and his family! It was so good to see everyone again and like time had not passed. We were friends on my last adoption trip and we picked up where we left off last time.


qmiller said...

Kristen: Congrats on the court date...awesome news! Are you going to travel back to KAZ to pick her up, or opting for escort? She looks so happy and engaged...you're doing a great job!

Lou Ann said...

That's wonderful about your court date and everything going so smoothly. I envy your trip back in time to your first adoption. I'm sure it was full of wonderful memories!
And she looks so happy!!
Lou Ann & Lexie too