Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Bit of Frustration

I am feeling discouraged. Since I began my dossier last October and finished it in February, some of my documents are a year old now. Because I will most likely travel in January/February, this means that I have to redo most of my dossier. Of course this is almost routine with adoptions from Kazakhstan, but the list is long and so is the wait! I try to be positive and keep the attitude that every step of the way takes me to the child who is meant to be mine, but when I saw the number of documents on the list yesterday, I just wanted to give up! That only lasted for a moment, but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.

On a positive note, I am pretty much ready to travel. I have my packing list ready to go, I have my warm winter coat, and yesterday, my awesome boots were delivered. Except for my documents and plane tickets, I could be out the door in a few hours!

So frustrated and disheartened as I am, I went back to the computer and re-started my documents, and soon I'll be off to the notary! When I called my doctor about re-doing my physical form, it turns out he's so busy with flu patients, he doesn't even need to see me! I just need to send the form over with the traveling notary and he will complete it for me. I hope it all goes this smoothly!


Pat and Alli said...

Sorry about the mountain of paper work that needs to be redone :( It's hard to understand why the shelf life of these documents is only 12 months or less when everyone knows it will take longer than that. Sigh.

But you're right, take a minute to feel frustrated and then dig in. I'll try and remember this when we're in the same boat. LOL. I've already been taking care to use hand lotion after I wash my hands or do the dishes so I won't have any trouble with fingerprinting.

Good luck getting everything done.


Lou Ann said...

You won't even be thinking about this second round of paperwork when you are holding your second Kaz Kutie in your arms. At lease you have something to do during this last wait!

Here's hoping you'll get your LOI soon.

Lou Ann & Lexie from Aktau Kaz too

Michele said...

I hear you Kristen, I'm in the process of redoing paperwork too! At least this way you won't have the experience of trying to update all that paperwork while in country. Yikes, that would be awful, and I've read about it happening to other families.

Not having to go to the doctors office is a wonderful thing. I'm crossing my fingers that it works for you.

I too hope to travel in Jan or Feb. It seems SO far away, but the holiday season is nearly here. I think I need to copy you and get that packing list written. Thanks for a great idea.

Kelly and Sne said...

Boy can we relate! We just redid our dossier for the third time in the past 12 mos too. And it was hard to get the motivation to hound the Dr., etc. one more time to expedite the paperwork. It is SO different from the first time around when the dossier portion in any case went smoothly and efficiently. We haven't had official word yet, but supposedly if all checks out it will be translated and submitted to the consulate right away. I'm holding out hope that all of the major delays are behind us. I'm impressed that you are ready to go. While I was gung-ho at first and ready to paint "Little's" room and purchase a crib, etc., there were so many delays that I couldn't bring myself to do anything to prepare. It just doesn't seem real until that paperwork hits Kaz. Though I hear that once it does things are moving quite fast so perhaps I need to stop dragging my feet!

Best of luck getting your paperwork in order. Have a nice big glass or wine or a massage afterwards to give yourself something to look forward to!

Baby Kaz Moore said...

I felt your pain! I'm finishing up my second adoption, and I'm not going to miss doing all of these forms! But gosh, the paperwork in the end is so worth it! Hang in there,Susan